In addition to direct executive search consulting, Savoy has served its clients by offering them assistance in related areas such as:
    Searches for CEO/COO successors are bet-the-company efforts. Too often external searches result in internal promotions, not by design but by default, as many search firms have undisclosed client conflicts that limit the pool of qualified candidates. Savoy conducts each CEO/COO search at the Partner level from beginning to end. Our discretion, professionalism, appreciation of the importance of corporate culture, experience dealing with board search committees, and access to the best talent has resulted in unparalleled success with these critical searches. A CEO candidate once said, "I get calls from headhunters all the time but talk with few. I am talking with you because you really understand your client's business...and mine."
    Studies of competitor companies to determine organizational structure, marketplace positioning, competitive advantage, and identification of key executives holding relevant positions therein. Our contacts in a wide range of industries are extensive, cooperative, and at many levels. On numerous occasions we have provided market intelligence and strategic insights into certain industries and companies that could not be obtained by traditional consultants, and certainly not as inexpensively.
    These are carried out for internal benchmarking and salary review purposes, as well as for establishing parameters prior to commencing an executive search, particularly if the latter is for a newly created position.
    Evaluation of external candidates developed by a client company (via its own networking or advertising).
    Detailed reference checking of candidates developed by a client organization on its own.
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